Emily Lynn here ---->

I'm the goofy red-head behind the phone, emails and camera.  I like to keep things simple, fun and honest. I am a big believer in what you see is what you get.  

I spent years studying and still study posing down to the tiniest of details.  Each expression from the body reflects certain emotions and it's important to me that during your photo sessions we are expressing things such as confidence, empowerment, and sexy. 

My personal goal is that you leave your session a different and better version of yourself.  I want you to have more self confidence, self-worth, and a little skip in your step. 

I have been in your shoes before and understand what it feels like to walk in the door of the studio excited but nervous and maybe even a little scared.  Don't worry I can relate to how you feel and we can work through those emotions so that you come out of the session excited, confident and empowered. 

hey friend!