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This is a great question and one I get asked from time to time.  It’s not always the easiest to put into words because the boudoir experience itself is emotional and one you really have to feel in order to truly understand.  It’s also a big part of who I am as a human and […]

Why I chose Boudoir Photography : KC Boudoir

KC Boudoir Photographer why I chose boudoir photography

I asked Lauren to write about her experience doing a boudoir session at my studio in Kansas City and she graciously said yes! She has such a wonderful perspective on life and doing the boudoir experience. What frustrations or hesitations were you experiencing when looking for a boudoir photographer? “Finding someone that captured the natural […]

Lauren’s Boudoir Experience : KC Boudoir Photographer

KC Boudoir Photographer- Top KC Boudoir Photos - Emily Lynn Boudoir

Often when I’m nervous or scared I will make an excuse for why I can’t do something.  Sometimes it feels safer to stay in the less scary lane right?  However, what I have learned is that we truly figure out who we are when we step into that uncomfort because from that we make great […]

Let’s bust excuses about doing a boudoir session

KC Boudoir Photographer

When I asked Cindy about her boudoir experience and if she’d like me to share her story she quickly said yes! Cindy is an incredibly amazing woman whose energy fills up the room when she walks in.  She walked into my studio with the biggest smile and I knew we were going to be instant […]

The Boudoir Experience From Her Perspective


The thought of a boudoir experience can be really scary and slightly intimidating. When talking with women about their upcoming sessions, I’m asked loads of great questions.  So, I thought it would be a great idea to answer the most frequently asked questions. Do you share my images? I’m incredibly picky about this and your […]

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Boudoir Photo Sessions

KC-Boudoir-Photographer-Emily-Lynn-Boudoir- most frequently asked questions about boudoir photography